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Maintenance care


Common problem

1. New shoes will grind your feet
The shape of the shoe is fixed. In order to maintain the shape of the shoe, the toe and the heel will be shaped. Each person's foot shape is different, and when your feet are not suitable for the shape of the shoe, it will produce a grinding foot. What should you do?

  • When the heel is grinding the foot, you can use the heel sticker.
  • Use a paper towel to pick up white wine or alcohol, fix it in the place where the shoes are worn, and place it for one night.
  • Before applying shoes, apply soap (candle) to the place where the feet are worn.
  • Turn the hair dryer into a micro-hot file, blow at the position of the grinding foot, and then soften the shoes, immediately put on, let the shoes adapt to your feet.

2. Shoes encounter water, oil and other stains
Leather shoes should avoid touching liquid objects such as water and oil. Water often causes water to loosen the skin, easy to open the glue, and it is not suitable to wear the door on rainy days. Leather shoes will leave a mark on the oil and cannot be removed. What should we do at this time?

  •  The upper meets water. First use the water-absorbent fabric to absorb the moisture on the surface, apply the care shoe lotion when it is dry, and then wipe it with the dry cloth in the same direction. Pay attention to not use too much shoe milk. Then put the newspaper into the shoes, let it absorb the moisture in the shoes, restore the shape of the shoes, and finally put the shoes in a cool and breathable place, pay attention to not be exposed to the sun.
  •  Shoes encounter oil. The oil stain will be absorbed by the leather, the upper will leave a deep mark, the oil will spread slowly, you need to put the shoes for a while, the imprint will be lighter than before, but it will not disappear.
  • If the water and oil stains are serious, it is recommended to send them to a professional shoe care shop for repair.

3. The inside of the shoes fades
Most of the leather of the leather shoes is dyed by the water dyeing process. Generally, the inner skin made of pig skin, especially the dark one, will cause fading when worn. It is recommended that you wear dark or black socks when wearing dark lining shoes.

4. Daily care

  • Always keep the shoes dry and not exposed
  •  If the shoes are stored for a long time, remember to put the shoe or newspaper into the shoes and keep the shape of the shoes.
  • Leather shoes appear white due to moisture or sweat, you can gently wipe with vinegar on a soft cloth, then dry the shoes
  •  Leather shoes must avoid contact with acids, alkalis, salt, oil and other substances to prevent the surface of the shoes from being damaged, affecting the beauty and life of the shoes.
  • A pair of shoes is not recommended for continuous wear for more than two days, because the leather absorbs the sweat from the feet, and the water cannot be evaporated in one night. If worn continuously, the leather is easily stretched and deformed, which affects the life of the shoe. It is recommended to wear alternately with other shoes.

5. Daily protection of leather shoes
A pair of leather shoes, good maintenance and proper wear can extend its life

  • Prevent being cut by sharp objects
  • Avoid encountering with high temperature, do not use fire to roast, and do not expose to the sun.
  • Strengthen the maintenance, often remove the dirt on the upper, apply the corresponding shoe milk, avoid encountering the water
  •  Let the shoes have time to rest, and a few pairs of shoes are changed to wear, so that the shoes can reduce the damage, which is conducive to the deformation of the shoes to restore the original appearance.
  •  Light-colored leather shoes should pay attention to anti-fouling. Because the light-colored leather is stained with stains, the color will become darker and it is difficult to restore the original appearance.

Note: Shoe milk can only be treated with dark leather and waxed leather, light skin and nubuck leather. Sneakers are not recommended, otherwise it will leave a deep mark.